Shop Policies

The following are policies as they pertain to customers of Tonebench. If you have any questions about the policies listed below please let me know and I'll be happy to answer any questions in order to set your mind at ease.


In order to schedule a repair appointment a $40 deposit is required and submitted via Venmo. Once your deposit has been received I will reach out to schedule a day and time. If you miss your appointment (no show), or reschedule the deposit is kept as payment for missing/changing your scheduled time (you will have to repeat the process with another deposit to reschedule). If you arrive when scheduled and proceed with the required repair work after the review of your instrument your appointment deposit is deducted from the final total of your bill. If it's decided after the review of your instrument that you don’t wish to proceed with the required repair work then the $40 appointment deposit is kept as a bench fee for the diagnostics of your instrument.

Repair Reviews

All customers will be given an adequate window of time (30-45min) to inspect the work on their instrument(s) during pickup. This is your personal and intimate time to review what's been fixed. Once an instrument leaves my shop the work is complete. Scheduling a repair pickup does not require an additional deposit however any no shows will be charged an additiponal $40 for missing their repair pickup appoinment.


All payments are due once the repair work is completed and scheduled for pickup. No instrument(s) is allowed to leave the shop until payment has been received in full. Invoices will be provided and electronic payments are only accepted through Venmo. Please make sure you have a Venmo account or create one if needed before pickup. Please also ensure your method of payment is working without hiccups before pickup as well. Cash is accepted however there is no ability at this time to provide you with change.


Estimates are just that. They are hypothesized guesstimations of the work required. Anything in this world that needs fixing is hard to see with 20/20 vision. Your estimate is just a guess and I will always communicate when I see situations of the estimate sliding beyond what it's originally expected to be.

Rush Fees

Regardless of my work que ayone that requires work to be accelerated will be charged a rush fee of $125 along with my repair costs for the work requested.


At this time there are no refunds given for repair work. I take great pride in what I do, and pour a large amount of love into the work as well as the time I spend getting to understand your needs. I have no plans on returning instruments with sub-par repair work and why I don't issue refunds. Rest assured your instrument will be repaired with quality and given the highest level of care and attention. If for any reason a repair is revoked during work in progress the cost due will be 75% of the total estimate given along with a $40 bench fee. If a repair is found to be faulty from the work I've completed it must be returned within 2 working days. With these kinds of scenarios the fault must be proven in person as all work is documented and photographed. If a fault due to my work is not proven a standard bench fee of $40 will be charged.


All customers receive 5 days from the time of completion notification to pickup their instrument(s). Anything beyond 5 days of repair completion/notification will be charged a storage fee of $35 per day. Once an instrument has been set to storage mode (after 5days) you will be opted out of any insurance that protects your instrument in cases such as theft, fire, flood etc. No instrument(s) will be protected once they go beyond the pickup time frame of 5 days. I can only keep and protect an instrument during it's repair & pickup window.

Pickup & Delivery

I'm happy to pickup and deliver your instrument(s) if desired. The fee for pickup and delivery is $40 and covers 10-20miles outside Donelson, TN. If you live outside this area I cannot deliver.